Thursday, October 21, 2010

Critical Blog Strategy

The reality of blogging is that only a small percentage of bloggers are writing quality content. My definition of quality content is short, easy to read, fresh and informative. If your blog is consistently talking about how great your products or services are visitors will not have a reason to come back. They will recognize that you are using your blog to self-promote.  

I ran across some great recommendations in this blog , and see that many of them are the same ones I utilize for writing content for online learning programs .  Debra Murphy notes that people scan the content instead of reading the copy from beginning to end and she gives some helpful pointers on what this should look like on the page. The newspaper industry has been demonstrating many of these techniques since they changed their layouts to reflect large catchy titles with main content positioned  in the first paragraph. This strategy must work because I can’t even remember the last time I read a newspaper front to back. 

I would like to add a critical blog strategy to her list.

To write an effective blog, the content not only has to be relevant but also needs to be INFORMATIVE. 

Every blog post cannot be a marketing “shout-out”. Posts need to be compelling, educational or newsworthy to engage users and keep them coming back. The content of a post is an essential strategy because it represents the heart of your organization. This is where you have control over the message and social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can be used to get the word out. Content could focus on the latest news, issues and strategies in your industry or in analyzing pros and cons of products and services. Who knows, if you represent both sides of an issue, you may hear feedback from customers giving you their opinion and this engagement will attract followers.  You could also interview an expert or ask them to be a guest blogger. Keeping the content fresh and informative will get your organization more followers. An article about blog strategies states “educating and building trust” are the strategies to consider when writing your blog. I think this is critical to keep in mind when writing your next blog post.