Saturday, July 18, 2009

Individual Progress

I have narrowed my individual topic down to focusing on the cultural impacts of social capital and how the learning ecology evolves from this. I will be utilizing some of the research on Twitter that we are working on in my group project and will also look at other tools such as Facebook and blogging to discover the most effective tools for building collaboration and knowledge sharing in communities.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Team Process

Members came together from a variety of backgrounds in our group and each member contributed valuable ideas. We met on Skype twice and communicated via email in-between meetings. There has definitely been a difficulty in coming to a consensus but are keeping the communication lines open and allowing everyone to defend and debate ideas and opinions. We are still working on a consensus.

Lately, I have been thinking about trust and the online environment. I have been having discussions with classmates about this topic. This group collaboration is a perfect example of the importance of trust in social capital. Our group represents a small social network and creates value for the members connected to it. “Trust, reciprocity, information and cooperation” (Khalsa, D. 2009) are some of the elements. Our group is experiencing the exchange of information, the mutual aid offered to each other and the “we” mentality of working together towards a common goal. Trust is a huge part of this process. We have to trust in each other to be able to give and receive information, to follow through and to come together for mutual aid. This process is not always easy but collectively it can enhance the outcome of the project. (At least that is the goal).

Khalsa, D. (2009). Social Capital Primer