Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elicit Change

What change would you like to elicit from the readers of your final paper?

I would like our final paper to be not only an educational and informative paper but to also encourage the reader in becoming more culturally aware. The readers will be learning how to Twitter and the steps they need to take to create their own community. These are important elements of our group project but it is the cultural variation aspect that interests me the most. As the online learning environment continues to expand, I believe it is important for people to realize that their circle of influence is reaching outside of their communities. These new learning situations are creating a new depth, breadth and value to our online communities (Khalsa, D. 2009) and are becoming more globally interactive, which I consider to be very beneficial for us as individuals and to our future of creating positive and beneficial global relationships.

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Datta Kaur said...

Jennipher, the final results of your paper will be amazing. I loved reading this intention because I feel that such a projection will require 'filling that mold.' Thanks for that! ~ Datta Kaur