Sunday, July 12, 2009

Team Process

Members came together from a variety of backgrounds in our group and each member contributed valuable ideas. We met on Skype twice and communicated via email in-between meetings. There has definitely been a difficulty in coming to a consensus but are keeping the communication lines open and allowing everyone to defend and debate ideas and opinions. We are still working on a consensus.

Lately, I have been thinking about trust and the online environment. I have been having discussions with classmates about this topic. This group collaboration is a perfect example of the importance of trust in social capital. Our group represents a small social network and creates value for the members connected to it. “Trust, reciprocity, information and cooperation” (Khalsa, D. 2009) are some of the elements. Our group is experiencing the exchange of information, the mutual aid offered to each other and the “we” mentality of working together towards a common goal. Trust is a huge part of this process. We have to trust in each other to be able to give and receive information, to follow through and to come together for mutual aid. This process is not always easy but collectively it can enhance the outcome of the project. (At least that is the goal).

Khalsa, D. (2009). Social Capital Primer


David said...

Allison, Bram, Jennipher and Erica. I can see where that might be a group with strong feelings about a term paper topic. I'm envious to learn that you've had two conversations on Skype. Can't seem to carve out time to get set up.

BTW do you enjoy the song Jennifer?

Were we so much worse off in 1968 w/o the internet?

Bram said...

I think if we slow down and find a good starting point, it will be easier to see the finish line.

Erica said...

Hi Jennipher,
I think it's great your group met on Skype, did you use a webcam or im? It's always nice to have everyone in the same spot at the same time for group projects. I also think it's ok that you are still working on a consensus because group works takes time, especially when done through distance education.

I really like how you used the example of comparing your group to a small social network. It's important to trust group members to do their fair share, and contribute fully to group work. I think the students in this OTL program are very responsible, and group projects seem to be ok. You are right when you mentioned that the process of trust and working together is challenging, and I think that our teachers understand this and will lend a helping hand if any group works becomes too overwhelming.

Erica Y.

Erica said...
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Desi said...

Hi Jennipher:

I completely agree that trust is a huge issue when it comes to online group work as well as f2f group work. One must trust his peers enough to share his opinions and disagree without being put down. I have had experiences in the past when a peer expressed a lot of sarcastic put-downs at people's suggestions, including my own. It was very discouraging and counterproductive to our group goals of accomplishing a task successfully. But it sounds like your group has good communication and is on the right track. Good luck with your project!


Jennipher said...

Thanks for the link! It does speak volumes about how different things are, just the simplicity of the tempo seems different, so calm and slow.

Jennipher said...

I have yet to utilize the webcam for meetings which I am not sure that we can do anyway with more than one person. I prefer to just have audio but I could see how it would be beneficial when working with a student or colleague where you are trying to gauge a reaction or where they are coming from. Seeing the F2f clues would be helpful.

Datta Kaur said...

Jennipher, ah, trust! If group members can 'let go' and trust in the process - that's a big one. You now have some new insight and experience related to group work. The experience is worth so, so much for your future with students. ~ Datta Kaur