Sunday, July 26, 2009

Team Preparation

I believe that to prepare professionals for an online group project, I will provide a set of suggested group guidelines and expectations on communications. This will be very important because I believe a majority of people will be used to working independently and it will take some time for everyone to get into the groove. Therefore, I would start the group process right away, allowing the teams to work out some kinks before the core of the project starts. I think it would be beneficial to have each team post their team guidelines because it would help initiate the conversation. I would also have a "checking in" with me at some point in the middle of the timeline to make sure they are on track and the team is running smoothly.


David said...

Your post makes me wonder what it would be like this quarter if our first couple of courses back in the certificate series had done what you are suggesting. Each of the times we were put into groups I always wondered if there were better ways to do business. Wondered if mine was the only one struggling and did all the other groups know the secret. Now I find myself in the 6th of 10 classes and am still doing trial and error trying to figure out the best way. This shouldn't have taken this long.

TyshaMichel said...

I like the idea of the group guidelines being posted. Do you find that this help all groups stay on track. I wonder how an instructor can help a group dive in faster with less hesitation.