Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project Interest

I would be interested in working on a program that focuses on improving cross cultural social capital skills for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

I believe that our online communities are so diverse and include a variety of learning styles both individualistic and communal. Bridging networks by connecting individuals who are diverse is an important part of both educational and corporate environments. It is important for individuals to understand these differences and make adjustments and I am willing to tackle any of the tools or elements that relate to this.


Dawn said...

Hi Jennipher,
That is an excellent topic! Your project will be of value to all of us and I look forward to reading more about it in the weeks to come!

Brad said...

Hi Jennipher,

I am intrigued by the application of the social capital concept as a component of "online teaching and learning environments".

So I have been researching/googling "Social Capital" (of course) and simply was curious about your social capital skills improvement program.

I just wanted to ask you to share your thoughts further on "cross-cultural social capital skills" - what would be the top 5? and why?



TyshaMichel said...

Hi Jennipher,

I really like the topic you chose. I am interested to see what you find. Are you going to look into other cultures when developing the program?


David said...

Sounds like a great project Jennipher. Certainly very timely as the world gets smaller and smaller.

Jennipher said...

I think I need to define first how culture impacts social capital and go from there. How do other cultures value social capital? What are the tools that are having success right now?